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Metal Muses

Into the void as one

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Metal music and the girls that love it.
This community is under construction. Please check on it periodically for updates; hopefully this community will be up and running soon.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at: insanityizgood@comcast.net

This community is moderated by twisted_satyr & the_disillusion


This community is for female metal-heads to connect, make new friends, discuss music, bands, instruments, and anything related to metal.


1.) NO BASHING OTHER BANDS/PEOPLE!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have noticed in perusing metal-centered communities that people have a tendency to bash others for their personal choice in music/favorite artists. I am tired of having metalheads bash other metalheads. I cannot stress the "no bashing" issue enough. Metal is metal, no matter what sub-genre it's placed in. If you have the need to complain, do so in your personal journal. I will not tolerate it in this community.

2.) NO SHARING OF ALBUMS. These poor guys and gals get ripped off more than enough by the record companies, and they don't need their fans ripping them off too. If you would like to share an album, there are many music-sharing communities that you can join and do so. However, SHARING A COUPLE OF TRACKS OF AN ALBUM AS A SAMPLE IS ALLOWED. If it's just two songs off of the album, then that's fine. It just might make others want to buy the album themselves! IF A BAND HAS STATED THAT AN ALBUM IS ALLOWED FOR FREE DOWNLOAD, YOU MAY SHARE IT HERE AFTER YOU HAVE SHOWN PROOF OF THE BAND'S PERMISSION TO A MODERATOR AND SAID PERMISSION MUST BE STATED AND ON THE BAND'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

3.) NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertising other communities is not allowed. The advertisement of local concerts in your area is also not allowed. You MAY, however, ask the community if anyone is going to a certain show, but I do not want to see copy/pasted mini-posters of some band's tour dates every other entry. Of course, advertising this community elsewhere in communities that do allow ads is allowed.

4.) RESPECT THE MODS. Respect us, and we'll respect you. Simple as that.

5.) BE COURTEOUS. This goes hand-in-hand with the "bashing" rule. We're not expecting you to all get along; such a thing would be impossible. However, at least be courteous to each other and keep this community a pleasant place to be. Debates are fine, if they are backed up with concrete information. There IS a difference between "bashing" and having a perfectly friendly discussion. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH SOMEONE ELSE IN THE COMMUNITY, keep it outside of the community. If you feel that someone is violating any of these rules or abusing them, please contact us at: insanityizgood@comcast.net

I check this e-mail account at LEAST once every day, so your complaint/concern will be addressed more than likely within the same day you send it.

6.) THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT. While we're on the subject of rule-breaking, we're going to go by the "three strikes" policy of baseball. If you violate any of these rules, we will warn you twice. If you do not listen and break one of these rules a third time, you will be removed from the community.

7.) NO PLAGIARISM. As far as reviews, etc. go, please don't plagiarize. Write them yourself. I cannot stand people who steal work from others, and the_disillusion reads many metal magazines and checks MA very often, so if you steal? More than likely you will be caught, and then the three strikes-rule comes a-calling.

* As a side note, if you are a member of a band or musician, you are more than welcome to post clips/mp3s/videos of your band playing or you playing a song if you would like to share it with the rest of us. :3 Feel free to express your creative talent in icons, fanart (NO SLASH, PLEASE), and whatever whim you may have. Also, when you introduce yourself, you will be required to type in the following under "Read The Rules": Metal is Forever!

If you have not typed this under "RTR", you will be redirected to this page and required to edit your post and put in the required information.


* Tiffany

- Real LJ: twisted_satyr
- AIM: insanityizgood
- E-mail: insanityizgood@comcast.net

* Linda

- Real LJ: the_disillusion
- AIM: Ulver09
- E-mail: flauros@oath.com


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