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twisted_satyr in metal_muses

Album reviews?

So I was wondering if perhaps you all would like me to do metal album reviews? I was thinking about doing something like that today, starting with what albums I have (even if I know some of you may have it, others might not know the band or have heard very many songs by them, so it would give people an opportunity to know if it's worth buying)....all reviews would include two mp3s in order to provide a sample.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea?

....and yes, I know there's only three of us here, but WHOCARES. Let's have fun anyway. X3


I have a collection of my own reviews at the ready. I say, let's do it!
Oh yes, let's do this :D
That'd be great. :) I'd love to collab whenever I find something good or with the albums I have.