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Feb. 20th, 2008

Randy, Lamb of God



Here is your (very belated) weekly album review!!! In order to get this place more active, I'm going to start advertising around.

Kamelot - Siege PerilousCollapse )

Feb. 5th, 2008

Randy, Lamb of God



Album review of the week, chica's!

Kamelot - DominionCollapse )

Jan. 27th, 2008

Randy, Lamb of God



So, here's my first album review!

Kamelot - EternityCollapse )

Tell me what you think! Hopefully these will be coming on some sort of weekly basis and will be helpful to you. :3

Jan. 20th, 2008



Introduction Post?

Right, girly one coming through. (Rocks just as hard, though.)

Name: Marina / Wolfstar / CC

Age: 19

Favorite bands: Nightwish, Kamelot, Epica, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, Within Temptation, Visions of Atlantis, Lacuna Coil

Favorite metal song: Right now I'm in the mood for The Soulforged, Blind Guardian. First metal song I ever heard, because it was based on my fav Dragonlance character. :3 Nightwish came right after that for the same reasons.

Play an instrument?: Voice-trained during school years. :)


Any other information you feel we must know: It bothers me when people are surprised I like metal. So what if I'm bookish and know how to make up my eyes properly? It doesn't mean I like metal any less. Oh, and I despise the phrase 'Girls can't sing metal.' Yeah, I've heard it. Or that they can't rock as hard. It's bullshit, all over.

Jan. 16th, 2008



Album reviews?

So I was wondering if perhaps you all would like me to do metal album reviews? I was thinking about doing something like that today, starting with what albums I have (even if I know some of you may have it, others might not know the band or have heard very many songs by them, so it would give people an opportunity to know if it's worth buying)....all reviews would include two mp3s in order to provide a sample.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea?

....and yes, I know there's only three of us here, but WHOCARES. Let's have fun anyway. X3

Jan. 13th, 2008


Introduction post.

And from the south valley came forth pretentiousness wrapped in a package. Greetings one and all! I am the other mod of this humble joint. I hope you all have fun at this place. With that in mind.

Name: The Thought

Age: 24

Favorite bands: (too many, but here we go.)Death Metal: Behemoth, Death, Macabre, Gorguts, Withered Earth, Fleshgrind, Carcass

Black Metal: Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal, Arrival, and Oceans, Blut Aus Nord, Judas Iscariot, (early)Moonspell, Goathemy

Power Metal: Iced Earth, Kamelot, Black Majesty, Domain

Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden, Dio

Doom Metal: Funerary Dirge, Reverend Bizarre, Black Sabbath, The Obsessed

Atmospheric/Experimental Metal: Tiamat, Fantomas, Throes of Dawn, Ancient Wisdom

Other bands: Communic, Negura Bunget, Scar Symmetry, Ulver, Finntroll, Korpiklaani, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Alchemist, Nevermore, Queensryche, and a whole shit load more.

The weirder the better!

Favorite metal song: Oh God, way too many. Right now I'm hooked on the song "Hitchhiker" by Macabre.

Play an instrument? The guitar to some limit. My talent lies in the art of field recordings, and sound manipulation.


Any other information you feel we must know: |m|

Jan. 14th, 2008

Randy, Lamb of God


Introducing Mod Numero Uno!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Metal Muses!!! I've had the idea in my head to start this kind of community for quite awhile now. I didn't become a big metal-head until 2005, and I realized that all of my friends that listened to metal were guys and that the majority of the people at metal concerts were also guys. I wanted to make new friends/acquaintances with other girls who are also metal-heads, for us to unite and so we wouldn't feel alone and unappreciated/degraded by our male counterparts. And so, Metal Muses was born. I really hope you enjoy your stay~!

And, now for the fun part except not really...information about me, one of your mods and the founder of this community.

Name: Tiffany

Age: 20

Favorite bands: Kamelot, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Rotting Christ, Lamb of God, ChthoniC, and...a ton more.

Favorite metal song: "The Invaluable Darkness" by Dimmu Borgir, "Ghost Love Score" by Nightwish, "Momento Mori" by Kamelot, and pretty much anything by Dream Theater.

Play an instrument? I've been playing the piano for over twelve years and start electric guitar lessons this Wednesday.


Any other information you feel we must know: I love metal, period. Metal is my life, and I can't live without it. I really do wish that the metal community could band together and really stick it to the man, but people just aren't capable of doing that. I'm open to practically any sub-genre of metal, so chances are we should get along just fine. :3

I hope you all enjoy your stay here!!!

Jan. 14th, 2014

Randy, Lamb of God


(no subject)


This is a community of female metal-heads to connect, make friends, and discuss music, bands, and metal.

BEFORE YOU JOIN THE COMMUNITY, please read the rules located here. We'll know if you've read them.

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We would appreciate it if things like icons, fanart, graphics, etc. had tags in order for us to keep track of everything, and just in case someone is looking for something specific.

If you have any comments/questions, feel free to contact us. The mod contact information can be found here.

Rock on!